Pay & Save for Service Providers

Pay and Save (P&S) offers a state of the art secured, interoperable and continuously evolving e-transaction platform that can be flawlessly integrated with your existing website, enterprise software and/or embedded hardware (like POS).

Despite the primary focus is on secure (financial) transactions, the P&S identification model can also be used for access control to the home, office, hotel room, public transport and airports. Even managing metered services at car parks or equipment rental, and to confirm the identity of recipients by couriers belong to the numerous application areas.

This and many other integrations can be done by your own IT-staff by simply communicating with our platform independent and well documented web service. Naturally you still can consult the P&S Professional IT Services to give you a helping hand with this integration.

This web service is hosted in our own secure datacentres which in turn results in reduced hardware, maintenance and other related IT costs for your company.