Pay & Save for customers - An example

Are you in this digital age constantly bombarded with a bunch of paper advertisements? And usually for products you barely or don’t use?

Yet, Pay and Save is convinced that many consumers miss out plenty of discounts.

No doubt you are often faced with the situation where a friendly cashier asks if you have any coupons? Or you are convinced that you still have these coupons somewhere in your possession. Full of enthusiasm – and with a good dose of courage – you plunge into your wallet or purse. And this is what will follow …

  • Scenario 1: In no time or after some searching, you take out the coupon and hand it proudly to the cashier who will deduct the coupon from the amount payable.
  • Scenario 2: After some intense searching, you can take out the coupon and hand it proudly to the cashier who then reports with some guilt that this coupon is no longer valid or does not apply to the product you purchased.
  • Scenario 3: Numerous coupons, loyalty cards, receipts, … are reviewed with the exception of just this one specific coupon. Quickly – and sometimes with cheeks red of embarrassment followed with a long queue behind you – you admit that you probably forgot the coupon at home on the kitchen table.
  • Scenario 4: The above scenarios are no longer applicable since based on your past experiences -and in line with the three previous scenarios – you always respond negatively to the question whether you have any coupon in your possession.

Pay and Save ensures that the above scenarios belong to the past and to this end developed

a global internet platform that enables you to

  • to determine which brands should approach you with offers, promotions, … using e-coupons anywhere and at any time and this based on your personal and changing needs;
  • group, centrally manage and make maximum use of your coupons which will be available at any time and without searching (eg via smartphone). Even when you suddenly decide to do some unexpected shopping;
  • reduce your carbon footprint and thus contribute to a better environment by using digital media instead of paper;
  • identify what you have saved by using coupons via the Pay & Save platform. This is the ideal tool to perfectly manage your household budget!

This all is possible in a user friendly manner. And finally, to the extent that you were not yet convinced: A Pay and Save account is free and moreover offers you the opportunity to earn money! So why not give it a try ?