Our Mission

  • To serve as an all-round technology, investment and marketing partner for high-tech initiatives, solutions and services in the field of energy, secured and smart payment systems, e-transactions and also revolutionary, smart, lossless and real time full high definition video compression.
  • To build a balanced portfolio in the World’s different regions of fast growing companies, cutting-edge technologies and next-generation businesses
  • To provide investors with a continuous above-market return, direct communication, 24/24 assistance and the possibility to expand their participation to active shareholdership in the projects

Our Vision

  • There is a worldwide need for independent investment organizations that support the research, development and introduction of new (ecological & comfortable) and promising technologies
  • capital intensive startups have difficulties to find their way to stable long-term as well as short-term investments and fruitful worldwide partnerships
  • Reducing time-to-market for promising technologies will result in sustainable and competitive advantages for our core regions
  • Reducing time-to-market for promising technologies will result in sustainable and competitive advantages, high returns on investment
  • Our core differentiator is the active involvement in our participations by means of financial, technical, operational, marketing and commercial advisors, enabling us to protect investments and realize high returns

Our Strategy

  • Operating on a worldwide basis, with our Head Quarters in Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Developing own IP rights in our 3 core markets
  • Purchasing and enhance existing IP rights and solutions
  • Co-investing in promising new technologies, ground-breaking solutions and new-era services
  • Creating flexible partnerships and/or joint-ventures with international investment companies
  • Attracting capital form large market players in the worldwide financial market

Company Characteristics

  • Private company, founded 2014 in Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Specialists, investing in adapting and commercialising new and unique technologies all over the world
  • Versatile, flexible and fast: able to adapt multiple technologies and rare frameworks
  • Building portfolios of above market performing ROI projects and companies for investors / co-investors
  • Over 50 dedicated professionals : market consultants, risk managers, knowledge managers and financial professionals