Purpose of the project


  • The idea is is to achieve a cheap, safe, easy and comfortable alternative to reduce the global electric power consumption, and to create a more efficient and comfortable use of today’s actual sources
  • With the demand growth of the global energy, our unique E-power® devices, are able to postpone or to prevent extended investments and danger in energy power plants, for example: Nuclear plants etc.
  • In addition the Nox/Co2 emission will be extremely reduced when E-power® is used on a large scale. By starting mass production of our E-power® devices, our Planet Earth starts smiling again and (serious) diseases will disappear …, so why wait any longer …?
  • We need to take our responsibility, let’s do it NOW …!

Our aim

  • Our INITIAL aim is to achieve power energy reduction up to 45%
  • Our next aim is to design E-power® for different outputs to be used i.e., being an integrated central energy unit for houses, offices, warehouses, regions, vehicles etc.
  • being an extended part of reducing power energy consumption from the existing equipment by creating so called E-power® Strings
  • being a standard part of the domestic installation of every house, office, warehouse, vehicle, vessel and also consumer- and medical electronics, household appliances etc.
  • being a part of the industrial equipment (machinery), robots etc. can be up-scaled quite easily

Please Note: By using E-power® technology, to-day electric cars, robots, consumer goods etc. can increase their range of action (mileage) up to 45%. (Quite shortly, most probably, much more)