Pay & Save for retail and marketing - An example

Nowadays business is changing faster than ever, and so is retail. Customers are using new technologies and are having new needs and expectations. They become more demanding.

A new generation of customers is born, the SoLoMo-generation (Social-Local-Mobile). This combination of Social, Local and Mobile creates opportunities for a new and powerful type of communication channel which will delight people by providing them highly targeted, context-rich and location based communications. In the end it’s the customer who takes control about the data he shares with you.

Yes indeed, you read that right… retail is no longer in de driver’s seat! More and more customers will decide themselves whether they wish to sign up for and receive your promotions.

Whether you’re a small or a large retailer, Pay and Save’s innovative platform offers a competitive advantage by enabling you to

  • build a relationship on basis of mutual trust with your customers;
  • get to know your existing or possible customers personally (profiling) and interact with them on a one on one communication;
  • optimize the use of your marketing budget by only addressing your campaigns (e-coupons) to people who are interested in your products and/or services;
  • detect new opportunities (cross-selling, products, services, business models,…);
  • transform (big) data into information that can be used to create added value for your customers and your company;
  • measure, monitor, analyse and forecast the success and impact of your campaigns through advanced reporting, analytical and geographic functionalities;
  • reduce your carbon footprint and thus contribute to a better environment by using digital media instead of paper and/or even launch your digital loyalty card;
  • to let your customers pay with their smartphone.

Pay and Save is an innovative platform which allows your customers to

  • subscribe for and benefit from your promotions and campaigns by installing the free app (m wallet) on their smartphones;
  • use your e-coupons and/or digital loyalty card at any time;
  • group, centrally manage and make maximum use of your coupons which will be available at any time in their mobile wallets. Even when they suddenly decide to do some unexpected shopping;
  • pay with their smartphones.