Why is it unique?

A revolutionary electronic payment solution
…and a new vision on secure electronic transactions

  • The payment transaction is initiated by the user (customer)
  • No personal data, account numbers, card numbers, etc. are transferred to the receiver (merchant)
  • The user has full control on the management of his payments : frequency, geo-location, time, risk protection etc.
  • Third party payments can be done anonymously
  • No existing payment platform like Visa, MasterCard etc. is used
  • Control is in the hands of the local Pay & Save payment organization
  • Can be easily expanded to :
    • Ticketing solutions (public transport,…)
    • Online services, programs
    • E-ID solutions (electronic signature of documents)
    • E-couponing
    • Secure communication
  • It is a new and easy way for nations or organizations to open payment transactions to citizens, companies and service organizations without being controlled and analyzed by international monopolistic payment organizations
  • Patented

What it could be used for