What is it?

hdxA reliable business relationship of us developed a new and smart system for streaming image compression. This technique must enable a more efficient compression compared to the current H.264 technology. Primary field of application is surveillance cameras. The system makes use of Differential Super Block Masking (DSBM), consisting of an adaptation (extra module) of the popular X.264.

With this module it is possible to further reduce the size of the bit stream while staying within the X.264 protocol specifications. The gain, which depends on scene and the hardware that is being used, reaches from a factor 8 to 10. The price paid is that the quality of the image slightly deteriorates in some areas. The new and smart method can be implemented in any MCU or FPGA that is capable of encoding according H.264

Encoding and decoding algorithm for medical images and films

The encode/decode-algorithm is a complete loss-free encoding system. In other words, compression of digital medical data takes place in such a way that the original data can be totally lossless decoded. With our encoding-algorithm it is possible that:

  • digital medical images and films (black and white, colour) such as X-rays, MRI-scans, CT-scans, echography etc. can be fully lossless encoded, stored, sent, received and decoded
  • storage and transportation of medical images/films is much smaller than which is possible with present compression-techniques such as JPEG and MPEG
  • encoding and decoding can be done fully independently and at totally different geographic locations