Innovative energy saving solutions

Alphalys ia a Clean- and EcoTech company based upon the unique and revolutionary Intellectual Property platform of European developers, which IP-rights became assigned in full and exclusive for an unlimited periode of time to Alphlys, who is the only and rightful owner of said IP-rights. By this ‘tools’ Alphalys is driving the switch to energy-efficient solutions.

As a revolutionary leader in developing Clean-and EcoTech energy saving systems for any kind, Alphalys integrates technologies and design into people-centric solutions, based on a generation of experience and the brand promises of “Respecting the planet“.

Guided by the aforementioned brand promises and the consumer insights, Alphalys offers rich, new consumer experiences that meet consumers’ desire for relaxation and improving their state of mind.
Because of its attractive pricing, any implemented Alphalys technology is within reach for a wide range of governmental and industrial users, consumers, etc.

Headquartered in the City of Luxembourg, Alphalys employs a small team of specialists to be fully focused on improving people’s life through permanent energy saving innovations.

Sustainability is at the center of Alphaly’s strategy. Alphalys is committed to reducing its environmental footprint in all aspects of business.

All Alphalys developments, solutions and applications are passing an EcoDesign process, identifying environmental impact in terms of energy efficiency, hazzardous substances, take-back and recycling, weight and lifetime reliability.

Alphalys aims to combat global energy saving challenges by focusing on delivering better quality Clean-and EcoTech solutions at lower costs, also in emerging markets, such as China and India.