• Our actual status is an E-power® prototype which is operating within the range of 30 Watt to 100 Watt. Today, the electrical energy power saving system is ranging around 45%. At this moment, we are working on a specially developed smart and tiny electronic component to increase and to stabilize our E-power® system. Our aim is to achieve an energy power reduction in FACTORS …!
  • Certainly 45% is already feasible …! Calculation shows that power reduction in factors belongs to our scope very shortly
  • Return on Investment of our E-power® system is a commercial issue. Bearing in mind the cost of the actual component purchase, based on small base production, we are ready to start immediately
  • When our E-power® solutions are further developed with dedicated, tiny components, together with the support of professional and/or university laboratories, the size, weight and shape will be extremely reduced, as well as the Return on Investment time …!


  • Our E-power® prototype is created this way: We connect one side to the socket (input) at the other side (output) any equipment, such as, for example, a lamp
  • Our E-power® system operates without any sound, is everlasting, under reasonable conditions, even dismissed from any maintenance …!
  • When opening the lid, there is an epoxy casting, covering all the used components
  • Inside the plastic housing, we created a lead cover to make it impossible to x-ray the interior technology. When trying to reduce and/or to take away the epoxy casting, it is hereby published and mentioned that our E-power® prototype is “booby-trapped”, and will automatically destroy. In this case, our team of engineers and employees and ourselves are NOT responsible for any (personal) damage and/or risk in the biggest sense of the word.